North Carolina State University


Testimonial - North Carolina State University

April 3, 2023

Have you ever thought of joining a professional organization that focuses on University Surplus? Look no further than University Surplus Property Association (USPA).

The return on your investment as a member and attending the annual conference brings a wealth of knowledge gained through the USPA members and business partners.  What you and your organization gain is so much greater than the cost of membership, conference, and travel expenses.
Let some of our result here at North Carolina State University assist you in your decision.
FY2014 our public sales brought about $90K; forward to FY2022 which brought in $600K.  That’s over 600% increase in revenue.  Ideas and proven strategies we learned at the USPA conferences made all the difference.
FY2021 Remodeled an office, front conference room, and lobby and turned it into a professional computer triage and Computer Restore sales floor.
FY2023 In our internal operation we brought in 538K #’s of surplus material.  We Recycled 157K #’s, repurposed 39K #’s, & sold 341K #’s.  Diverting 79% of the total weight out of the landfill and continuing to find new ways to repurpose, recycle, and reuse our surplus materials.

Many professional organizations silo information not the University Surplus Property Association.  One of the main principles they adhere to is helping other universities and colleges complete their goals.  Knowledge, solutions, as well as operational and technical strategies are readily shared.
With this team of friendly ready to assist members and business partners you will get years of productive experience. Willing to help when you ask for their assistance ready to listen when you have something to share.

I would encourage anyone who works in the University Surplus field to join. It will be a great investment for you and your organization. Bill Carlson, Assistant Director Material Support, NCSU, USPA Member since 2014. 


 University of Pittsburgh

April 13, 2016

The USPA membership has been a valuable resource for handling surplus property here at Pitt.

University of Utah

April 12, 2016

I have found the members and vendors of the University Surplus Property Association respond to issues quickly, indicate trends in the surplus industry and educate in matters that concern surplus operations. The issues addressed are similar in small universities to large institutions. It is easier to resolve different situations using the knowledge found in the members of the association.

Temple University

April 19, 2016

If dealing with surplus in a University environment is in your job duty, you will not find a more passionate and professional group of experts who continue to push the envelop on innovation in the industry while grounding it in the true spirit of academia by sharing their experiences and best practices for the greater good of all.

Iowa State University

April 19, 2016

ISU Surplus has been a member since 1999 the year the USPA was founded. The USPA has been very instrumental in helping us improve our operation and how we do business. The annual USPA Conferences have been a very good tool for networking with other universities members and vendors on how to deal with our surplus on daily basis. There is such a wealth of knowledge among the membership that will share their ideas and how they deal with certain situations so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. By attending the annual conferences I always come home some new ideas and it also re-energizes me to try improve our operation.