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275 West Street
Suite 400
Annapolis Maryland 21401 United States

Phone: (410)-571-9800

Fax: (410)-571-9868

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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Founded in 1996 as a barcode data collection company, SCLogic LLC develops, sells and supports the In-Building Logistics Platform, Intra.

Intra Enterprise™ helps organizations plan, execute, and measure accountable item workflows. For example, in campus logistics applications, Intra uses mobile computers and barcodes to monitor and control the flow of tangible objects — mail, parcels, assets, services, files, or people — as they enter, move through, and exit a facility. Intra Enterprise manages a facility by providing automated, consolidated, and efficient methods to:

             Implement advanced logic to streamline workflows

             Automate and manage service requests

             Generate detailed reports & analytics to measure utilization, productivity, SLA’s, and compliance

             Receive and track anything with a barcode

             Close the accountability gap - collect and store signatures

             Integrate with key business applications in your enterprise stack i.e. P.O. line item receiving

The target market for our product is essentially any organization that needs to manage their facility and the people and/or items that move around them. Some of our primary markets include financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, college and university campuses, and the hospitality industry.

There are no third parties involved. We write the database application, the browser applications, and the portable applications. We perform our own deployment services, man our technical support lines, and train customers using our own Systems Analysts. We provide the hardware, assemble it, and offer our own Hot Spare service. If you have a question or problem, SCLogic stands alone in its ability to provide a single point of contact to address it.

SCLogic is headquartered in Annapolis, MD, with offices in New Jersey, Texas, Florida, and California. For more information about SCLogic, please visit http://www.SCLogic.com.

Testimonial - Iowa State University

ISU Surplus has been a member since 1999 the year the USPA was founded.  The USPA has been very instrumental in helping us improve our operation and how we do business.  The annual USPA Conferences have been a very good tool for networking with other university members and vendors on how to deal with our surplus on a daily basis.  There is such a wealth of knowledge among the membership that will share their ideas and how they deal with certain situations so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.  By attending the annual conferences I always come home some new ideas and it also re-energizes me to try and improve our operation.